My first amulet – a true story

I received my first amulet as a gift from Master Ohr when Bangkok-ink took me for my first sak yant traditional bamboo tattoo. I had the design called the Gao Yord tattooed across my upper back and after Master Ohr blessed the sak yant  he gave me an amulet with the Gao Yord across the back and his photograph and yant (sacred symbols) on the front of it. I bought a chain and it hung around my neck for safe keeping while I was travelling.

On the journey home I was on the final short flight of my long journey. The weather was lovely when we set off from Athens, but shortly into the flight the turbulence became so bad that the cabin crew had to abandon the drinks trolley and stay strapped in their seats. Considering it was a big air bus the plane was being blown all over by the high winds.

We began our descent and I think we were all relieved to be coming in to land. The landing gear went down and we touched the runway, but then shot back into the air in what felt like a vertical take off. The pilot had decided it was too dangerous to land with hail on the runway! We were pinned back in our seats, ears crackling with the sudden pressure and in my case praying that we would miss both the town below us and the mountains in front of us.

I found myself clutching the amulet for comfort and begging for us to be safe.  The turbulence stopped, we landed safely back in Athens and were taken to a five star hotel to spend the night getting over our ordeal, with everything paid for by the flight company. From now on that amulet is going with me whenever and wherever I go travelling!

3 thoughts on “MY FIRST AMULET

  1. It’s a joy to find somonee who can think like that

    1. Glad you enjoyed visiting the site. We will be adding more content and amulets for sale as we get them. Thanks.

    2. Thank you very much. We will be adding more soon.

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