The Vision at the Temple

It was the day following having my sak yant sacred tattoo done on my back. Since I had no soreness from it and the fact it was already healing, my friend decided to take me out for the day in her car. We went to a temple by the river that I had never visited before.

 As we pulled into the car park, I thought I saw a monkey look quickly through the window and on asking she laughed and said ”no monkeys” but you can feed the fish later. We got out of the car and she went in front of me to get some lotus flowers to offer to the Buddha. She was about fifteen steps in front of me. Suddenly a huge monkey was hurtling towards me and I came face to face with it as it stopped. I froze, wondering what to do if it launched itself at me or bit me. But it just sat there staring me in the face and I stared back. I could not cry for help, or shout my friend or anything and other people at the temple had stopped to look at me.

 My friend eventually missed me and turned around to see where I was. As she turned the huge monkey laughed and I could see he looked like the Hanuman sacred spirit monkey, not a normal one. He laughed and turned into a dog as he ran past me! I swear, I watched it morph from the Hanuman into a dog. I could not explain anything to my friend as I just stood there in total shock at what I had seen. I also assumed she thought I was crazy enough just standing there without telling her I had seen a spirit monkey that morphed into a dog in front of me.

 I later read that the Hanuman has a reputation as a shape shifter, something that can morph from one thing into another and that he usually appears to those who need more fun and laughter back in their life. Well, it certainly worked for me. I can laugh about it now when I remember, but at the time it gave me hell of a shock to see him.

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