The Thai Amulet Ring

When I visited Master Ohr for my second Sak Yant tattoo, I made a donation to his charity and received a yant cloth (a sacred cloth with magical symbols and images on it ) and a silver ring with  symbols engraved on it. I put it on as I did not wish to lose it.

Some weeks later, I was driving in heavy rain when someone cut in front of me in another vehicle, moving very fast. I don’t know how we avoided an accident but I had to break hard and did not skid. When I got home I noticed that my ring from Master Ohr had broken all the way through the back of it. There is a belief that if you have been saved from a serious event a ring, or bracelet or amulet will break. I believe that I was saved from a terrible accident. I have kept the pieces until I can replace it with a new amulet ring from Master Ohr.

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  1. It’s a joy to find soomene who can think like that

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