The Dream

Things were in a real mess for me and I could see no logical way out of that mess, which was not of my making. I was struggling with legal paperwork at the bank and I had no idea of how to solve the problem. Then I read that if you have a sak yant tattoo or an amulet from a Master, you can pray to that Master for help and protection. I needed both in this situation, which had been going on for months with no resolution in sight. I asked for his help that night and offered incense to his picture and the amulet.

That night I had a very realistic dream that he was standing looking into my eyes in a room, and that he was conveying something to me that did not need words. He then smiled and walked away. When I woke I remembered the dream and how real it had seemed. I felt totally different about everything, calm and optimistic, when only two days earlier I had been crying in frustration at the situation.

I went to the bank both calm and confident. I told the bank manager what my new plans were and despite his shock at the change in me he did the paperwork in minutes that they had previously refused to do for me. Ask nicely and you just might receive the help that you need.

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