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Thai magical Amulets for every day

People world wide have been using amulets and good luck charms for thousands of years to help them with the difficulty of every day life. Normal people feel they need a little help with many different things, such as health, protection, good luck, wealth, love and relationships. Not necessarily in that order as our needs vary all the time and we all have very different lives.

Wearing an amulet is easy. You can wear it around your neck, your waist or your wrist. You can hide it under your clothes if you do not want to bring attention to it or let your boss see it and ask difficult questions.

Many amulets come encased in a case in order to protect them, particularly the ones that are easily damaged, such as the ones made of compounds of powders and herbs.
Why not treat yourself or a loved one to a powerful amulet to keep them safe when they are out on their travels, or to restore health to an ageing parent?

They make lovely gifts. Some people, very wisely,are seeing them as a better investment than keeping their money in dodgy banks. These days it makes sense to invest in something that will increase in value in the future. If it brings you good luck or blessings in the meantime, how can you go wrong?

If you don’t want to wear one on a chain, why not consider buying one in the form of a ring? Perfect for wearing in plain sight, and just think how many times you point or move your fingers, sending out the call for blessings and protection throughout each day.Why not check some out at

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The Thai Amulet Ring

When I visited Master Ohr for my second Sak Yant tattoo, I made a donation to his charity and received a yant cloth (a sacred cloth with magical symbols and images on it ) and a silver ring with  symbols engraved on it. I put it on as I did not wish to lose it.

Some weeks later, I was driving in heavy rain when someone cut in front of me in another vehicle, moving very fast. I don’t know how we avoided an accident but I had to break hard and did not skid. When I got home I noticed that my ring from Master Ohr had broken all the way through the back of it. There is a belief that if you have been saved from a serious event a ring, or bracelet or amulet will break. I believe that I was saved from a terrible accident. I have kept the pieces until I can replace it with a new amulet ring from Master Ohr.